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5 Things To Do to Welcome the New Year with a Bang (and a Bucket of Popcorn)

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 12/29/2014
A movie marathon may not be everyone's idea of how to (wisely) spend the last day of the year, but when was the last time you put your feet up and let the television just wash over you while you have a remote control in one hand a tub of popcorn goodness in the other?

Let’s Talk About Dietary Fiber

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 12/23/2014
The definitive movie snack, popcorn are not only fun to eat, but they can be healthy for you, as well. Made mostly from carbs, popcorn are a great source of dietary fiber, a food component which people are not having enough in their diets. But do you know why we should eat more dietary fiber?

Popping Perfect Popcorn

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 12/15/2014
For those of us who are stove-top popping challenged, there are many ways to make great popcorn at home with the help of a variety of appliances. Instead of using the pot and lid method and burning the oil (and subsequently the popcorn) there are many poppers available that make perfect popcorn every time.

Make an Impression with Gourmet Popcorn as Corporate Gifts

Posted by Rural Route 1 Popcorn on 11/18/2014
Are you still undecided on what to give clients, business partners and employees this season? For office gifts and corporate giveaways that will definitely leave a sweet impression, consider adding gourmet popcorn packed in tins and boxes into your shortlist. 

The Fine Art of the Business Gift

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 11/17/2014
The Fine Art of the Business Gift
For entrepreneurs and business owners large and small, the holidays are especially tricky. Can a business owner maximize impact and build their brand in the customers’, clients, and supply chain partners’ minds while showing their holiday spirit? Yes, Virginia, there is a way!

Popcorn and Movies: The History Behind the Match

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 11/3/2014
For as long as you could remember, popcorn has always been associated with movies. It's the staple snack in the movie house and it's also a favorite treat even when people opt to watch movies at home. Have you ever wondered why this is so? It actually stems from history.

The New Age Of Popcorn

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 10/28/2014
Popcorn has been an insanely popular snack for decades. From classic butter, to the trio buckets featuring cheese, butter and caramel, these flavors have enticed millions of people from childhood on. But a new age of popcorn is upon us. Gourmet popcorn seasonings are exploding in flavor and popularity. You can now flavor your popcorn to fit your craving.

Have A Ball with Popcorn! Making Your Own Popcorn Balls

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 9/22/2014
Fall and popcorn go hand in hand. Football games, tailgating, Halloween parties, and festivals all have taken on this venerable treat as part of what makes fall special. We make it easy to bring the flavors of fall into your home with our huge selection of decorative tins and flavored corn, but we’re ALL about popcorn here at RuralRoute1, and if you love it as much as we do, we know you’re always looking for fun and exciting ways to incorporate it into your fall festivities.

Can Popcorn Actually Be Healthy For Us?

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 9/11/2014
I’ve got great news for popcorn lovers all around the world. Popcorn has many, great health benefits. What makes this news even more fantastic is that it comes at a time that corn is getting a bad rap in many corners. However, the negative aspects to consuming corn products are mostly related to corn syrup which is an ultra-processed corn by-product that is no better than eating bowls of sugar. But, a kernel of popcorn is magical and full of healthy goodness.

A Very Brief History of Caramel Corn

Posted by Rural Route1 on 8/25/2014
Caramel corn just might be the perfect snack. After all, don't we all love tasting a little of the salty and sweet on our tongue? When we think about some of our favorite snacks, we all have to concede that the very best and most flavorful snacks that make music on our taste buds are those that have just the right combination of salty and sweet, right?

Pop Your Popcorn Anyway You Want!

Posted by Nick on 7/17/2014
Popcorn has been around for a very long time. It shockingly comes from corn, we know, crazy! There are a variety of methods to make popcorn as they all kind of use the similar methods to make the corn pop! We are going to take a look over these different methods and weigh out the pros and cons!

Best Times to Send Popcorn

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 7/16/2014
Popcorn makes a great gift for just about any person in your life. Just about everyone loves popcorn, and it makes a delicious treat that people will enjoy at any time of the year.

Popping Gourmet Popcorn at Home

Posted by Cherry on 7/3/2014
It can be done, and you are the one who can do it. Delicious gourmet popcorn can be made at home, your home. However, before you can popcorn kernels that will please the experts in your family, you have got to understand popcorn kernels, popcorn popping oil, and popcorn salt.

What is Your Favorite Kernel of Truth?

Posted by on 6/25/2014
OK, OK. Relax - we're not going to get into an existential, deep ponderance here. We were just thinking recently about the word "kernel." Maybe it's because we are around kernels of corn all day and night around here, that we are having one of those days where a word we hear and use so often is not white noise anymore. This is one day where we stop on the word "kernel" and pause to consider it.

Popcorn Worthy Entertainment

Posted by Rural Route on 6/13/2014
We feel that popcorn should be an important part of virtually any form of entertainment, though we know it has generally been associated with movies. We are aware of a smartphone app called Popcorn Worthy that allows users to rate movies.

Fundraising 101

Posted by Rural Route on 5/27/2014
If you are a member of a group or organization that relies on fundraising efforts to help with community outreach programs and charitable contributions, look no further than to Rural Route 1 for the most “sellable” commodities available. With a proven track record of unlimited success, you’ll be sure to reach your goal, and even surpass’s all up to you. The sky’s the limit!

Popcorn: A Tasty and Healthy Snack of the Old World and New

Posted by Cherry on 5/7/2014
Given its enduring popularity, it's safe to say that popcorn is a staple movie marathon food: not too heavy on the stomach that creates discomfort while enjoying a show, and not too complicated, either, to eat on the go. It’s also very portable as it is lightweight when cooked; if you have the equipment, you can pack a week’s worth of snacks in one medium-sized brown bag.

Fun With Popcorn

Posted by Rural Route on 4/30/2014
Popcorn is great all year long! A wonderful theme for parties, National Popcorn Month (October), Popcorn Day (January 19), Camp Days,  Afterschool programs, the End of the School year, and Autumn ---Also---Fun ideas to add to a Movie, Hollywood or Circus or Carnival theme!

Very Special Grain ... or Is It Vegetable?

Posted by David on 4/11/2014
Corn is an interesting grain. And a vegetable, but it's mostly a grain. Just think about how versatile corn is as a grain. Ora vegetable, but mostly a grain. It can be a vegetable used as a side dish with a family dinner. It can come on the cob or off it. It can also be used to make cornbread which can go well with many different meal options. It can be used in cereals and as a sweetner in soda (corn syrup), and can be used in making various breads (corn meal) and even in our gas tanks as ethanol.

Boost Your Mood with Popcorn-Chocolate Fusions

Posted by Olivia on 4/2/2014
If you've been feeling down and out lately, you ought to try enjoying a popcorn-rich chocolate mix with a friend or even on your own. You'll be surprised at how this delicious snack can easily give you a mood turnabout.

Gift Problem? Send Popcorn!

Posted by Nick on 3/20/2014
Ever have the trouble of trying to send a gift to someone, but you just do not know what they want? We've all been there, secret Santas, long distance family, an old friend you haven't seen in a while, or the special someone in your life. We've all given terrible gifts to people and received the look of: Well, thanks?

Popcorn: One of the Healthiest Snacks Around

Posted by Cherry on 3/17/2014
The Friday night movie marathon staple just got elevated from an all-time favorite snack to one of the healthiest foods around. Popcorn is undeniably a mainstay of household cupboards and microwave ovens, to say nothing of its coveted status in the movie industry. We love it natural, drenched in butter, coated in cheese or chocolate, and served in bags, buckets or tins. Popcorn's commercial appeal, however, has somewhat overshadowed its nutritional value which scientists are rediscovering. With this new finding, popcorn has just become more than a snack that you eat by default before plopping down the couch for hours of sitcom rerun.

How Popcorn Can Be Good For Your Diet

Posted by Mary on 2/28/2014
Thanks to some recent research and studies, there’s a way now to enjoy munching on your favorite snacks while maintaining your diet. Lo and behold, nutrition experts have suggested eating popcorn to aid your diet—so long as you know how to prepare and cook it the healthy way.

Food Trend Alert: Popcorn to Satiate Chocolate Addicts’ Cravings

Posted by Mary on 2/20/2014
Nowadays, there are so many innovative artisan food made available for our consumption. These types of food usually combine our love for two or more ingredients, which normally don’t mix well together—but end up actually tasting surprisingly good. One of the most highly praised food trends today is gourmet popcorn, especially chocolate popcorn.