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History of Rural Route 1 Popcorn

Rural Route 1 Popcorn got its start in 1983 as a result of an experiment that turned into an opportunity to diversify and explore a new production crop. Biddick, Inc. (formerly Trelay Farms, Inc.) of Livingston, Wisconsin, has been a producer of seed corn since 1906 when the founder, Elmer Biddick made his first sale. Over the years, Trelay expanded its production and sales to include oats, winter wheat, barley, grasses, soybeans, alfalfa, cattle and finally popcorn.

In 1983, when the government instituted a program (PIC) whereby farmers could choose to take their farmland out of production for a year and receive a government payment, Trelay was facing a decreased need for their primary product, seed corn. By then, the next two generations of Biddicks, Roger and Brad, made the decision to experiment with popcorn and make use of much of the same processing equipment as for the seed corn. Hence, Rural Route 1 Popcorn began with 25 acres. Today, several hundred of the 3000 farmed acres are dedicated to producing gourmet popcorn.

Attention to detail and quality are the keys to the success of Rural Route 1 Popcorn, which is ear harvested and then hand sorted to select the most perfect ears. And, rather than choosing corn hybrids that have the highest yields, varieties are selected based primarily on taste and tenderness. This attention to quality, not quantity, assures excellent taste and delicate tenderness for the ultimate in gourmet popcorn.


In addition to the standard varieties of white and yellow popcorn, sold in packages varying in size from 2 to 25 lbs, Rural Route 1 Popcorn is available in a wide assortment of “ready-to-eat” flavors. The most popular specialty is Ivory Almond K'Nuckle, a creamy medley of popcorn, almonds and luscious white fudge. The success of this recipe has led to 3 other fudge covered delicacies, C.C.Winkle, R.C. Snakle and the latest, S.S Dunkle. But for the standard caramel lovers, we have that too and even one with pecans. And did we mention the several flavors of the best cheese corn you will ever have? But let’s not forget we do our own microwave popcorn, available in Butter, Butter-Light and Kettle Corn flavorings.

Rural Route 1 Popcorn offers our DELECTABLE snacks in tins, buckets, boxes and bags. Our popcorn is the perfect gift for any occasion. Corporate gifting is one of our specialties. We customize your gifts to meet your needs. Your clients and customers will surely be impressed when they receive their gift of the BEST Gourmet Popcorn made.

If you get to southwestern Wisconsin, visit our Rural Route 1 Popcorn Shop on Hwy. 18 in Montfort, for a truly mouthwatering experience. Free sampling of over a dozen or so unique flavors is a must. You will not be disappointed! Hours are Monday through Saturday 8:30AM - 6:30PM and Sundays 10AM - 5PM. (We are closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day)

In addition to ordering Rural Route 1 Popcorn products on-line for your personal use, we also offer a fundraising program; a line of wholesale products; private label, copacking and contract packaging. If you need to contact us you may do so on the website, call 1-877-767-4386 or e-mail us at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest in our Company, we hope you enjoy our products!