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The New Age Of Popcorn

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 10/28/2014

Popcorn has been an insanely popular snack for decades. From classic butter, to the trio buckets featuring cheese, butter and caramel, these flavors have enticed millions of people from childhood on. But a new age of popcorn is upon us. Gourmet popcorn seasonings are exploding in flavor and popularity. You can now flavor your popcorn to fit your craving.

And the best part about these delightfully puffy snacks? Popcorn is extremely low in calories and fat, making it a great anytime snack. And the seasonings you can add to it barely add any additional calories, they just help it taste great! So what are the most popular, must-try flavors of this popcorn revolution?

Cheddar Cheese

You no longer have to wait until the holidays to enjoy the cheesy flavor of popcorn! Cheddar cheese seasoning for popcorn can be found near the popcorn section in your local grocery store. But for a gourmet, smooth cheddar blend, look no further than Rural Route 1 popcorn seasoning section.

Spicy Seasonings

Popcorn with a kick! A lot of people like a little spice with their salty snacks. So enter spicy popcorn seasonings like chipotle or Cajun. Chipotle and Cajun seasonings are a delicious blend of peppers and other natural spices and herbs. And they are a great compliment to popcorn.

So don’t just settle for plain old un-buttered, un-salted popcorn that lacks flavor. Start a popcorn seasoning collection with a variety of flavors so you’re prepared when a snack craving hits and you want to mix it up!