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Popping Perfect Popcorn

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 12/15/2014
I remember my mother making popcorn on the stove when I was a kid. It never turned out light and fluffy, and the kernels were often singed and charred around the edges. No matter how much salt and butter we poured over it, the popcorn always tasted bitter and burnt, with a bit of a charcoal aftertaste.

Some folks are savvy with popping corn on the stove. My mother was not one of these people, nor am I. It wasn’t at all like movie theater popcorn, and the kernels that weren’t burnt or charred tasted like flat, chewy cardboard. It didn’t have that light, bright color, but instead looked dirty and oily.

For those of us who are stove-top popping challenged, there are many ways to make great popcorn at home with the help of a variety of appliances. Instead of using the pot and lid method and burning the oil (and subsequently the popcorn) there are many poppers available that make perfect popcorn every time. The Whirley Stove-Top Popper has a wooden handle stays cool while you stir the kernels, and the constant motion keep your popcorn from burning, producing light and fluffy perfect popcorn every time.

Hot Air Poppers also pop the kernels without burning them, yet, I often find that the popcorn is still a bit on the chewy side. Adding melted butter and salt to it helps, but it’s mediocre at best. This kind of popper is for someone who enjoys popcorn when it’s there, but it’s not a “must have” while snacking during a movie. Dome Poppers are similar to hot air poppers, and they’re a lot of fun to watch. The cover also doubles as the bowl.

Another choice is microwave popcorn. It’s the perfect midday snack while at work, and its compact and lightweight packaging make it easy to throw in a bag to take to work. Most microwave popcorn found on grocery store shelves, however, have a tendency to contain artificial ingredients. Some factory employees have claimed to have developed serious illnesses from processing these ingredients while working in the plant. If microwaving your popcorn is your preferred method, just be sure to buy your popcorn from a reputable source that uses only high quality, natural ingredients.

Whether you use a hot air popper, the microwave, or the stove-top method, Rural Route 1 has everything you need for making and enjoying perfect popcorn.