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Popcorn and Movies: The History Behind the Match

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 11/3/2014

For as long as you could remember, popcorn has always been associated with movies. It's the staple snack in the movie house and it's also a favorite treat even when people opt to watch movies at home. Have you ever wondered why this is so? It actually stems from history.

Popcorn Used to be Barred from the Movie Theater

When popcorn was brought to North America, it was an instant hit. The popping corn kernels were considered quite amusing and popcorn thus came to be known as an entertaining snack, great for accompanying fun and enjoyable activities. Popcorn carts became very popular and were always found in circuses, sports events, fairs, and many more.

However, this snack wasn't allowed in movie theaters because they had a smell and could be messy. After all, at that time, only silent movies were being shown. The crackling sound of popcorn would definitely cause distraction, not to mention take away the sophisticated ambiance that the theater owners wanted to create and maintain.

The Great Depression Paved the Way for Popcorn

During the time of the Great Depression, more people flocked to the movies for entertainment and recreation. Theaters eventually became a regular source of amusement for many. Soon popcorn vendors started selling their snacks in the streets. Theater owners became more lenient about letting people bring in their popcorn because movies already had sounds by then.

Later on, theater owners saw that selling this snack could actually boost their business profits. However, at first, they couldn't incorporate the old popcorn making machines into their theaters. This is why in time, movie houses became built to house provision for popcorn. As time passed, other snacks were also added. Nevertheless, popcorn remained to be highly associated with movies, even now that more people are simply streaming movies through the Internet and watching them at home.

Whether you're planning to stay in for the night or spend some quality time with loved ones watching old reruns or viewing the latest movie release at home, the experience is certainly a lot more special and fun when you've got great-tasting popcorn to munch on! Check out our different delicious flavors today and enjoy a complete movie experience.