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Popcorn Worthy Entertainment

Posted by Rural Route on 6/13/2014
We feel that popcorn should be an important part of virtually any form of entertainment, though we know it has generally been associated with movies. We are aware of a smartphone app called Popcorn Worthy that allows users to rate movies.

But we are big believers in popcorn being part of lots of entertainment - like movies at home, game night, or even watching a favorite TV show or major sporting event. But we also have a sense of what a popcorn-worthy event is, and we'd like to share this with you to see if you agree.

Is the event compelling enough for you to want to watch it in the first place?

Do you have a certain interest in the event - such as your favorite team is playing or your favorite actor/actress is in the movie or TV show?

What expectations do you have for the event?

Do you forget about the event the next morning, or do you still think or talk about it?

After seeing the event, do you have an emotional reaction to it, whether positive or negative?

Did you learn something, or get a message out of seeing the event?

Did the event actually cause you to think, or were you mindlessly observing?

Were your expectations exceeded?

If you answered "Yes" to a few or the majority of these questions, then you likely witnessed a popcorn-worthy event. What events come to your memory when thinking abut these questions? Is there a favorite sporting event, movie or other event that stands out to you? We'd love your feedback and to see your lists of the most popcorn-worthy events you've experienced. Feel free to share hem with us, and we're sure to get feedback from other readers!