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Pop Your Popcorn Anyway You Want!

Posted by Nick on 7/17/2014
Popcorn has been around for a very long time. It shockingly comes from corn, we know, crazy! There are a variety of methods to make popcorn as they all kind of use the similar methods to make the corn pop! We are going to take a look over these different methods and weigh out the pros and cons!

Theater Style
This is the classic way of making the popcorn you know and love at the movie theater. These utilize the popcorn pot with a bar that spins in the center to move the kernels around and avoid burning. As the kernels move they coat themselves on the oil or butter that the theater uses to give the popcorn a bit of flavor when it pops. 
Pros: Makes the popcorn we know and love.
Cons: Not exactly healthy and movie theaters overcharge for it.

Stove Top
This could also be the campfire way as well since both use a pan over a heat source. You put the kernels on the pan with some oil, your choice as to which kind, and you swirl the kernels around until the heat hits the proper temperature and makes them pop. It's the kind of popcorn that can bring many back to childhood when their parents made popcorn at home.
Pros: A very cost efficient way to make popcorn, also, memories.
Cons: You could burn yourself from the oil and you could burn the popcorn.

Air Popper
An air popper was a device that grew to prominence in the 80's and kind of faded away. They aren't all gone, but you usually have to hunt down these devices, and they make some of the best popcorn. This machine makes your popcorn by spinning it around an extremely hot heat source. Once they popped they erupted from the spout in the front. 
Pros: The healthiest way to make popcorn as it doesn't use butter or oil.
Cons: Has been known to burn down houses if people don't turn it off.