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Make an Impression with Gourmet Popcorn as Corporate Gifts

Posted by Rural Route 1 Popcorn on 11/18/2014

Are you still undecided on what to give clients, business partners and employees this season? For office gifts and corporate giveaways that will definitely leave a sweet impression, consider adding gourmet popcorn packed in tins and boxes into your shortlist. Gourmet popcorn is now one of the hottest snack items in the shopping block. And this isn't about the ordinary popcorn drenched in salt and a little amount of butter sold in movie houses, or the barbecue-flavored popcorn bags that are sold over-the-counter. Gourmet popcorn that can be ordered today are more decadent and available in a variety of flavors from cherry cheesecake to special flavor concoctions like C.C. Winkle, a decadent fusion caramel cord, cashews dipped in milk chocolate. Popcorn is here to stay, and expect more flavors to be introduced in the market in the next few months thus making these snack creations your best bet as gifts for employees or corporate giveaways to clients.

Leave a lasting impression among clients through popcorn giveaways

Flavored popcorn packed in tins and boxes are perfect corporate giveaways.  Since gourmet popcorn is available in a variety of flavors that are not traditionally offered in stores, offices can identify specific flavors for different clients and business partners. For start, you can give chocolate or cheese-based popcorn flavors. For hard-to-please clients and partners, you can push the envelope by giving gourmet popcorn in bacon, cheesecake or blue cheese flavors!

‘Thank You’ gifts for best-performing employees

Gift-giving shouldn't be limited to clients and customers; bags and tins of popcorn can work as ‘Thank You’ gifts for best-performing employees. Use these items as giveaways for employees who have performed exceedingly well. Instead of the usual corporate tokens like certificates and gift cards that are usually formal, the Human Resources team can inject an element of fun in team dynamics by giving out popcorn as tokens. Popcorn works not just a simple snack, but it can also work as a catalyst for collaborative work efforts just like what coffee breaks shared by team members can do in a busy work environment.

Gourmet popcorn in any flavor or box sizes serves as fun alternatives to traditional corporate gifts and giveaways. These can be personalized courtesy of notes and cards that can be added to the items, and can be presented in a variety of ways and packages thus making it easier to leave an impression among recipients.