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How Popcorn Can Be Good For Your Diet

Posted by Mary on 2/28/2014

Thanks to some recent research and studies, there’s a way now to enjoy munching on your favorite snacks while maintaining your diet. Lo and behold, nutrition experts have suggested eating popcorn to aid your diet—so long as you know how to prepare and cook it the healthy way.


Calorie Content


Did you know that popcorn actually possesses fewer calories than what you would’ve initially thought—as low as around 93 calories for 3 cups of air-popped popcorn? Yes, it really does. But if you add in some oil, it would jump to somewhere around 120-150 calories per 3-cup serving.


Choice of Snack


Do away with chips, chocolate, and other types of junk food because popcorn is all you need to keep you satisfied during those times when you feel the need to happily and mindlessly munch on something. Certain studies have shown that people who ate popcorn resulted in feeling more satisfied and less hungry than those who consumed potato chips. In fact, in another related study done, the researchers found that those who added popcorn into their diet helped them to consume less saturated fat and cholesterol, as well as more fiber compared to their usual diet. Not only is popcorn a better option because of having a lesser calorie content, but it’s also more filling and satisfying than your favorite chips.


Make It Healthy


Of course the way popcorn is prepared contributes to how healthy it can be for you. Adding butter in a one-cup serving immediately increases the initial calorie content from 31 to over 133 calories instead. You can make it healthier by cooking it with olive oil or opt to use an air popper. You can also try adding in some healthy herbs and spices such as cinnamon, garlic powder, chili powder, or Italian seasoning. If you can’t do without your favorite salt and other usual seasoning, you can assign a cheat day wherein you’ll add butter, salt, and all the other flavors you want. But don’t make a habit out of it because it would be negating the nutritional and healthy effects of eating popcorn as snacks.