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Gift Problem? Send Popcorn!

Posted by Nick on 3/20/2014
Ever have the trouble of trying to send a gift to someone, but you just do not know what they want? We've all been there, secret Santas, long distance family, an old friend you haven't seen in a while, or the special someone in your life. We've all given terrible gifts to people and received the look of: Well, thanks? 

To make life simpler, just send them popcorn.

Seriously, this isn't a stupid idea, because when you give someone something they tend to either have to return them item if they don't want it or they are stuck with it out of obligation of nicety. Popcorn on the other hand does not have either of these problems because even if they eat what they want they can leave it out for others to come by and enjoy.

At Rural Route 1 we offer a large variety of flavors and styles of popcorn that just about anyone will love. Have someone who loves having a sweet tooth? Send them some caramel corn. Maybe they rather have some savory flavor? Send them one of our cheese flavors. And for the spicy lover who puts hot sauce on everything, we have warm & spicy. 

Point being, we have a flavor for just about anyone who are looking to send something that isn't just a fruitcake or some chatzkies. You can send them something off beat but memorable. When you do send it, be sure to have it sent off in style as we have a variety of containers for you to include with your purchase. Be it a classic tin, or one with their favorite NFL team on the side, we have many different sizes and allow you to build your own by filling it with any item of popcorn we sell.