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Fun With Popcorn

Posted by Rural Route on 4/30/2014

Popcorn is great all year long! A wonderful theme for parties, National Popcorn Month (October), Popcorn Day (January 19), Camp Days, Afterschool programs, the End of the School year, and Autumn ---Also---Fun ideas to add to a Movie, Hollywood or Circus or Carnival theme!


1. POPCORN RELAY RACE – All it takes are two big bowls of popcorn and some small cups per team. Have kids run and get a cupful of popcorn and transfer it to the bowl across the room. The first team finished wins. Because of potential popcorn mess, this would be good played outside! The critters can eat what isn't’ swept up! (Play in gym if you’re brave!)

2. POPCORN ON THE HEAD RELAY -- Split youth into two teams. Give each team a cup of popcorn. Have each player take turns walking with the cup of popcorn on their heads, across the room, around a chair and back to their team. Play for a specified amount of time such as 2 minutes or more. The team that has the most popcorn left in their cup wins!

3. STICKY POPCORN GAME -- The children begin by "popping " around the gym as pieces of sticky popcorn, searching for other pieces of popcorn. When two pieces of popcorn meet, they stick together. Once stuck together, they continue to pop around together, sticking to even more pieces, until they end up in a big popcorn ball.

4. PLAY POPCORN TOSS -- Label plastic buckets OR containers with numbers such as 1, 5, and 10. Place the buckets in a vertical line or triangle in progression from small numbers to large. Players stand on a designated line and toss popcorn into the containers. Add up their scores according to how much popcorn they got in each bucket.

*This can also be played in teams.