Food Trend Alert: Popcorn to Satiate Chocolate Addicts’ Cravings

Posted by Mary on 2/20/2014
Nowadays, there are so many innovative artisan food made available for our consumption. These types of food usually combine our love for two or more ingredients, which normally don’t mix well together—but end up actually tasting surprisingly good. One of the most highly praised food trends today is gourmet popcorn, especially chocolate popcorn.
Admittedly, the concept of injecting a sweet chocolate flavor to our favorite pastime snack might seem a bit weird and odd at first. But if you happen to be a chocolate lover, you might find yourself surprised with this delightful treat. Gourmet chocolate popcorn combines your favorite sweet and scrumptious chocolatey flavor with the signature salty taste of popcorn—but the level of sweetness and saltiness do vary from one flavor combination to another.
Here at Rural Route 1 Popcorn, we’re all about catering to your every chocolate craving with our range of indulgent popcorn collection. Without a doubt, these flavor variations are bound to satiate your craving for the perfect snack and dessert in one! And without further ado, here are our four rich and mouth-watering chocolate popcorn options:
  • Ivory Almond K’Nuckle – Nutty and luscious, this combination features creamy white fudge, popcorn, and almonds. This recipe also happens to be our bestselling gourmet popcorn for chocolate lovers.
  • CC Winkle – Sweet caramel goodness at its best with this medley of caramel corn and cashews dipped in creamy fudge. 
  • RC Snakle – Sweet with a touch of tanginess? Yes, please! This flavor showcases sweet popcorn mixed with tart cranberries, which are then smothered in creamy white fudge.
  • S.S. Dunkle – Once you’ve tried salty and sweet caramel, you’d never go back. Indulge yourself with this caramel popcorn that’s sprinkled with sea salt and dipped in fudgy goodness.
If one flavor isn’t enough for you, you can also go for the packed flavor sets that we offer. Don’t waste anymore time and go try them all out right now to know what you’ve been missing all this time!