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Boost Your Mood with Popcorn-Chocolate Fusions

Posted by Olivia on 4/2/2014

If you've been feeling down and out lately, you ought to try enjoying a popcorn-rich chocolate mix with a friend or even on your own. You'll be surprised at how this delicious snack can easily give you a mood turnabout.

Release Feel-Good Endorphins

Other than exercise, chocolate has also been found to significantly induce feel-good endorphins in your brain, making you take pleasure in a natural "high". Some studies have even shown that the active components of chocolate appear to have the same effect on the brain as marijuana. 

Moreover, various experiments on chocolate show that a lot of people can instantly experience a mood lift after taking in chocolate--- even greater than the mood-boosting effect of kissing. 

Relax with Comfort Food

Just imagine yourself indulging in the lip-smacking taste of chocolate, its rich and fudgy texture lusciously melting in your mouth! Many would certainly agree that this simple act can do wonders for your overall disposition.

Throw in your favorite chocolate flavors plus the fun, crunchy experience of eating popcorn and you'll definitely start feeling better in no time.

It's even more warm and comforting if you eat a unique, exciting chocolate and popcorn medley with good friends and while engaging in an activity you love. 

Recharge with Health Enhancers

Sometimes, the regular stress you go through on a daily basis can take a toll on your body and general well-being. The results--- you look and feel low. What's even worse is that you become very unproductive too. 

One way to address this problem is to recharge with gratifying health enhancers such as popcorn snacks in the form of chocolate varieties. With this combination, you'll benefit from the whole grains of popcorn that will kick up your fiber intake while also gaining the wonderful perks of chocolate's high level of antioxidants.  

Hence, it's an enjoyable way of improving your immune system to fight off diseases and thus boost your mood and energy in the process. Even in the midst of nerve-racking situations, you can quickly recharge and feel calm and cheerful. 

If you're in need of fast relief for your gloomy state, you'll surely be perked up with the exciting flavors in our chocolate collection. Think creamy white fudge, tart cranberries, yummy cashews and almonds, and tasty caramel blended with popcorn kernels and chocolate! Have your mood-booster pick today.