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Best Times to Send Popcorn

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 7/16/2014

Popcorn makes a great gift for just about any person in your life. Just about everyone loves popcorn, and it makes a delicious treat that people will enjoy at any time of the year. You can’t go wrong with popcorn when you don’t know what the person wants, and you can give popcorn even if you aren’t especially close to the person (like for a co-worker or when giving in a Secret Santa situation).

While popcorn may make a great gift for any occasion, here are a few times when it is especially appropriate:


Birthdays are a great time to send popcorn. It’s a celebration, and popcorn is a casual yet celebratory gift. You can choose a favorite flavor (if you know it), or you can choose a variety pack. Make sure you also pick out a festive tin. The recipient can reuse the tin for more popcorn or for other storage.

Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates may be traditional, but it’s also expected – and a little bit boring. Instead of giving your beloved what everyone else will be giving, why not give a tin of popcorn? You can still choose sweet varieties, such as chocolate or caramel. You can attach a nice love note or even put a sweet stuffed animal on top. You don’t need a heart-shaped box to show you care.


You don’t have to overload your kids with chocolate and other sweets to celebrate Easter. Instead, you can create a gift basket with a variety of popcorn flavors. You can include both salty and sweet, creating a basket that includes treats but that still has some healthy (and tasty) options. Include stuffed toys, colored eggs and other fun items to make it a great basket.

The next time you have to send a gift, consider sending popcorn. It’s a tasty treat that almost everyone loves, and you can’t go wrong with it.