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5 Things To Do to Welcome the New Year with a Bang (and a Bucket of Popcorn)

Posted by Rural Route 1 on 12/29/2014

Celebrate the remaining days of the year by spending them on things you wanted to do but couldn't for the past 360 days. (You have cleared your calendar with work by this time, haven't you?) If there's one thing left on your wish list, it's most likely to do what that popular song suggests: nothing at all! That doesn't mean brooding in a corner and staring off into space (unless that comes naturally to you), but rather doing something that gives you genuine pleasure like –

Watching your favorite movies

A movie marathon may not be everyone's idea of how to (wisely) spend the last day of the year, but when was the last time you put your feet up and let the television just wash over you while you have a remote control in one hand and a tub of popcorn goodness in the other? Make the event a celebration of sorts by watching feel-good movies with people who make you feel good about yourself.

Creating a memory box

If you haven't already, get yourself some fancy box and start rooting through your personal effects to see if there's anything you can salvage for its sentimental value. Then dump the rest to the nearest trash bin to cut down on your clutter and make room for newer, shinier things to come. While you chew on which stuff to keep and which to let go, snack healthy on a bucket of popcorn with a sprinkling of cinnamon or coarse sea salt. 

Reviewing your social media posts

The most popular social media platforms have made this easy. Sure, the last 12 months may have gone by without you noticing, but if you look back through your posts, you may be reminded that not 12 months ago you were someplace exotic celebrating a brand new year. While many lament that we spend an inordinate amount of time face to face with virtual friends, if used moderately and wisely, social media posts let you mark milestones effortlessly. Walk down the memory lane with a tin of chocolate-coated popcorn.

Setting goals for the coming year

This may sound cheesy for most, but sometimes keeping traditions is just as meaningful as being innovative. Turning over a new page in the calendar gives you that psychological prompt to move on from your past and look forward to the future. What better time to do it when you are changing calendars anyway? Why not put on some inspiring music as you entertain possibilities and enjoy a generous helping of popcorn loaded with cheddar cheese?

Getting together with the family

So what if you no longer have the energy to host a New Year's party? Order popping corn and let the young ones do the prepping! Customize the snack to your taste with pre-packaged seasonings like butter and salt, Cajun or cheddar cheese. Catch up with everyone and intentionally bond with them and make memories. After all, that is the essence of celebrating winter holidays in the past – getting your tribe together before the warmth of the Yule log and hoping that you will all make it through the freezing season all right.